The primary goal of ACINO is to develop and experimentally demonstrate a modular open-source IP/optical orchestrator suite which includes online planning and computation software modules exploiting advanced application-centric methods and algorithms, and exposes specific primitives towards the applications to easily map their needs to the transport service they want to receive.

The proposed solution is expected to fill the gap between large applications and the control solutions of current transport networks, not only in terms of bandwidth demands, but also according to other application-related parameters that would benefit from a specific treatment at the IP and/or at the optical layer.

The ACINO suite will provide:

  • Per-application-class transport-network-wide performance;
  • Reduced overall energy-consumption;
  • Application-specific network survivability;
  • Agile and dynamic network control;
  • Flexible network programmability;
  • Network cost reduction and new business models;
  • Valuable scientific collaborations.
The ACINO EU project is funded by the European Commission within the H2020 Research and Innovation programme, Grant Number 645127.