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ACINO develops an open source, vendor-agnostic modular orchestrator, which will expose to applications a set of high level primitives for specifying service requirements, and then perform multi-layer (IP and optical) planning and optimization processes to map these requirements into a set of lightpaths.

The orchestrator will also be able to perform re-optimization, by means of a novel online in-operation planning module.

For more information, you can download the project Fact Sheet.

Integration between ONOS and Net2Plan: video

The ACINO orchestrator is based upon the open source network controller ONOS. An Intent-based client interface has been developed as an ONOS application, using the ONOS public API, to let client applications send their connectivity requests to ACINO. ACINO uses the open source network planner Net2Plan to calculate network routes that comply to clients’ requirements (bandwidth, latency, jitter, protection, etc.). To do so, a module called NetRap was developed to enable ONOS and Net2Plan to communicate, and the proper optimization modules were added to Net2Plan (see for example our deliverables D3.3 and D3.4).

This video presents the integration between ONOS and Net2Plan!

The ACINO EU project is funded by the European Commission within the H2020 Research and Innovation programme, Grant Number 645127.