Programme of the Workshop on Multi-Layer Network Orchestration (NetOrch) at ICTON 2016

The ACINO team is proud to announce the programme of the Workshop on Multi-Layer Network Orchestration (NetOrch), co-located with ICTON 2016, and jointly organized with the US-JPN project ACTION.

The workshop will be composed of two sessions, both in the morning of Thursday, the 14th of July.

Session 1 (8:30-9:50), chair: Isabella Cerruti
8:30 Th.A4.1 The software defined transport network: Fundamentals, findings and futures, D. King, C. Rotsos, A. Aguado, N. Georgalas, V. Lopez
– 8:50 Th.A4.2 SDN application-centric orchestration for multi-layer transport networks, F. Pederzolli, D. Siracusa, P. Sköldström, S. Junique, Ć. Rožić, D. Klonidis, T. Szyrkowiec, M. Chamania, V. Uceda, V. Lopez, Y. Shikhmanter, O. Gerstel
– 9:10 Th.A4.3 Demonstration of SDN-based orchestration for multi-domain segment routing networks, N. Kukreja, R. Alvizu, A. Kos, G. Maier, R. Morro, A. Capello, C. Cavazzoni
9:30 Th.A4.4 Managing services in the telecom cloud: An example for CDN, L. Velasco

Session 2 (10:20-11:40), chair: Andrea Fumagalli
– 10:20 Th.B4.1 Scalable network management and control for dynamic agile optical flows, V.W.S. Chan
– 10:40 Th.B4.2 The ACTION project: Application Coordinating with Transport, IP and Optical Networks, N. Yamanaka, S. Okamoto, Y. Imakiire, M. Arase, E. Oki, M. Veeraraghavan
– 11:00 Th.B4.3 Dynamic operation of an IP/MPLS-overWDM network using an open-source active stateful BGP-LS-enabled multilayer PCE, J-L. Izquierdo-Zaragoza, J-J. Pedreno-Manresa, P. Pavon-Marino, Ó. González de Dios, V. López
– 11:20 Th.B4.4 Network and datacenter resource orchestration strategies for mobile virtual networks over telco clouds, B. Martini, M. Gharbaoui, I. Cerutti, P. Castoldi



The ACINO EU project is funded by the European Commission within the H2020 Research and Innovation programme, Grant Number 645127.