ACINO and beyond!

Well, we didn’t even had the time to realise it, but actually the three years of ACINO just came to an end!

Last week in Madrid, in Telefónica premises, the project consortium presented to the EC review panel the final results of ACINO, with excellent results in terms of concept and approach demonstration (with 8 live demonstrations carried out on a real IP/optical testbed), techno-economic evaluations (ACINO approach was demonstrated to be superior to application-unaware approaches), and noteworthy contributions to the scientific (with more than 45 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences), industrial (with 7 contributions to standards) and open-source (with contributions to 2 software frameworks) communities.
A recent post provides a summary of the ACINO outcomes, but what remains us to say is that our work is not completed yet, we have a lot of ongoing dissemination and exploitation activities with the most relevant stakeholders in the field, so… stay tuned!!
The ACINO EU project is funded by the European Commission within the H2020 Research and Innovation programme, Grant Number 645127.